Pre-Order Your Official RVA License Plate Today
& You Could Win $350.

Creatively placed.

On your car.

Order yours today.

Venture Richmond and the City of Richmond must pre-sell 350+ RVA license plates before they can submit the proposed design to DMV.

Once we have collected the 350 pre-paid applications and submit them to DMV it can take up to 9 months to finalize and have the plates produced.

To preorder your license plate, please fill out the form below. We MUST have your information fully along with the DMV application. The cost of this license plate is $10 annually or $20 personalized and you will be prompted for your credit card information on the next page.

These are non revenue generating plates; the $10 and $20 fees go to DMV.

Fill out my online form.

Additional Application Notes

  1. Applications for the plate will go to Venture Richmond, Inc., on behalf of the City of Richmond.
  2. The DMV VSA 10 is available as a fillable PDF so that applicants may complete the form online.
  3. Applications will not be accepted from applicants who do not verify that their vehicles are insured with liability coverage;
  4. Applicants will be prompted to select the box on the VSA 10 verifying that their vehicles are insured with liability coverage;
  5. If the applicant selects the box verifying insurance coverage, the program will populate the signature box with the applicant’s name (and the co-applicant’s name if applicable).
  6. An applicant who does not select the box verifying insurance coverage will not be able to proceed with the application or order the plate through the website.
  7. The option provided on the VSA 10 to state that the vehicle is not insured and to remit the applicable uninsured motor vehicle fee will not be available to applicants for this special plate through the website(s) promoting the plate.
  8. Once the applications are collected, Venture Richmond, Inc. will provide printed copies of the applications, together with the total fees (plate cost multiplied by the number of applications submitted) to DMV.
  9. Venture Richmond, Inc. has added a $1 credit card / Paypal processing fee to each application completed online, which covers the fee charged by the credit companies. The credit card processing fee is not being charged by DMV, is wholly unrelated to DMV, and will not be refundable should the special plate not be issued.